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South America Accommodation

Visitors to South America will find a vast range of accommodation available, with options to suit all budgets.
If you are going to be booking a holiday in South America, you are in for a treat. This part of the world is filled with exotic color, incredible sights, diverse and delicious food and plenty of energy and life. South America has some of the biggest growing nations and emerging economies within its geography and the region has a feel of life and youth about it. Yet it`s a very traditional place, where religion, the family and culture plays a huge part of everyone`s lives.
For those with money to spend and who are looking for the ultimate luxury holidays, then there are plenty of spas, resorts and luxurious hotel complexes in the larger cities and coastal resorts. These will offer the ultimate in the good life and will tempt visitors that seek to escape everyday life and enjoy being pampered on their break. Very often these options include all inclusive packages and plenty of entertainments within the resort, such as cocktail bars, pools, sports and evening entertainment.

For those with less money to spend, but who want comfort, there are a huge range of mid-price hotels around the region, with great variation in the services and quality of accommodation offered. It`s well worth carrying out an online search first to get traveler recommendations, but by and large the bigger and more established hotels are well run, safe, cozy and homely. Also they are usually located close to big towns and cities and local amenities and attractions, making them ideal for those seeking to see a lot, close to where they are staying.
Cheap hotels and backpacker hostels will always be popular with young people and travelers who want to minimize their budget, spend a lot of time out and about exploring and ideally meet new people. For people seeking an authentic stay, there are also a great range of other types of accommodation, such as options to stay with local families, which is very common in Peru. This is a fantastic way of truly absorbing yourself in a culture, seeing how other people live, enjoying their food and feeling welcomed by their families and many rate it over staying in a faceless hotel for pure experience and cultural immersion.
Similar, in countries such as Chile and Argentina, many people choose to stay on farms and receive free or subsidized accommodation in return for labor. This is common on arable farms or fruit farms and the laboring team will also usually receive great home-cooked food as well as a place to stay and often lifts into town and the other main attractions after work! Consider hiring a car, it is great to have the freedom of the roads and it allows you to see some of the countryside of the country you are visiting. Experiences like this are what travelling is all about for many, so do your research and see what is available before you automatically book the first hotel you see online!

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